English Book Orders


Second Semester novels for English classes are ready for pick up starting on Monday, January 18, 2021 from 8 AM – 4 PM.  (Offices will be open on MLK day, even though there are no classes.)  Second Semester starts on Monday, January 25.   The novels have been labeled with student names and sorted by class.

To make this process easier for families, we have a book for every student enrolled in an English class. We will automatically add the book fee to Infinite Campus for you– you don’t have to place an order.  If your family qualifies for a Textbook Fee waiver or fee reduction, we will automatically waive or reduce the cost of these books.  Then, after most materials have been picked up, we will contact the families who have not picked up their novels and either figure out how to get the novels to you OR remove the fee from Infinite Campus.  If you do not want the books, please contact Kimberly.kinney@dmschools.org to remove the fees.

If your family income has changed and you would like to be considered for a waiver, please complete this survey so DMPS can review: https://tinyurl.com/DMPSWaiver If the waiver is granted, we’ll exempt or reduce the cost of the books.

Book List:

  • Accelerated English Lang. & Lit. I (8th Grade): Night ($5) and Midsummer Night’s Dream ($4)
    • Night is back ordered.  Despite the order being placed in October the publisher is promising it will be delivered by Jan. 22. We’ll let you know as soon as it comes in.
  • Accelerated English Lang & Lit II (9th grade): Hiroshima ($6) and Romeo & Juliet ($3)
  • Accelerated English Lang & Lit III (10th grade): The Great Gatsby ($8)
  • College English Language & Comp (11th Grade): No new novels this semester
  • College English Literature & Comp (12th Grade): Woman Warrior ($9) and a play assigned by the teacher ($9)
    • There are five play titles– they all cost the same and your teacher decides which play you will be assigned.
    • One of the five play titles is back ordered despite being ordered in October.  The publisher is promising it will be delivered by Jan. 22.  We’ll let you know as soon as it arrives.

Hallway Map10th grade novels:

10th Novels

If you would like your novels mailed to you, please complete this SURVEY.

Finally, There are free book bags in red, blue, and black, available to anyone who would like one. Just take one from under the tables.

ISBN for Semester 2 English Novels:

Course Novel Cost ISBN
Acc. Lang & Lit I (8th) Night (back ordered) $5 978-0374500016
Acc. Lang & Lit I (8th) Midsummer Night’s Dream $4 978-0743477543
Acc. Lang & Lit II (9th) Hiroshima $6 978-1684116881
Acc. Lang & Lit II (9th) Romeo & Juliet $3 978-0671722852
Acc. Lang & Lit III (10th) Great Gatsby $8 978-0743273565
College Acc. Lang & Comp (11th) None None None
College Acc. Lit & Comp (12th) Woman Warrior $9 978-0679721888
College Acc Lit & Comp (12th) Play: Fences

(Students assigned one play by teacher)

$9 9780452264014
College Acc Lit & Comp (12th) Play: Top Dog/ Underdog

(students assigned one play by teacher)

$9 978-1559362016
College Acc Lit & Comp (12th) Play: Angels in America

(students assigned one play by teacher)

$9 978-1559363846
College Acc Lit & Comp (12th) Play: Clybourne Park                 – Back ordered

(students assigned one play by teacher)

$9 978-0865478688 
College Acc Lit & Comp (12th) Play: Disgraced

(Students assigned one play by teacher)

$9 978-0316324465


Every year, students enrolled in English at Academy need a set of novels or texts that they can annotate (so it cannot be a library book). We use a bulk supplier that allows us to purchase these books at a reduced price. You may choose to order one or more of these books from us or you can supply your own. Use this FORM to order books from us.

Placing an order with this FORM  (same link as above) will tell us to manually add the books to your fee page in Infinite Campus, usually within 24 hours.  After you complete online registration for the upcoming school year (which most of you have), if your family qualifies for a textbook fee waiver or reduction, the Academy office will automatically adjust the cost of these books (free or half price), too.  If you do not qualify for a textbook fee waiver or reduction you can use the RevTrack system to pay for these books as you would any other school fee after our office posts them in Infinite Campus.

If you choose to purchase your own copies of the books you need, here is the list.

​Typical Grade Level ​Course Name ​Book Title & Author Academy Cost ISBN​ Picture​
​8th Grade ​Acc. Eng. Lang & Lit 1 ​The House on Mango Street

by Sandra Cisneros

​$8 ​9780679734772 Mango
​8th Grade ​Acc. English Lang & Lit 1 ​The Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka

​$4 ​978-1557427663 Metamorphosis
​9th Grade ​Acc Eng. Lang & Lit 2 ​The Alchemist

by Paulo ​Coelho

$10 ​978-0062315007 Alchemist
​10th Grade ​Acc. Eng. Lang & Lit 3 ​Medea

by Euripides

​$2 ​978-0486275482 Medea
​10th Grade ​Acc. Eng. Lang & LIt 3 ​The Crucible

by Authur Miller

​$9 ​978-0142437339 Crucible
​11th Grade College ​AP English Lang & Composition ​1984

by George Orwell

$7 ​978-0451524935 1984
12th Grade ​College AP English Literature & Comp ​Hamlet

by Shakespeare

​$5 ​978-0451526922 Hamlet
​12th Grade ​College AP Literature & Comp ​Grendel

by John Gardner

​$9 ​978-0679723110 Grendel
​12th Grade ​College AP Literature & Comp ​The Color Purple

by Alice Walker

$10 ​978-0143135692 Color Purple