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The 7th grade Prep Academy Program prepares academic outliers who are part of our community’s federally recognized, underrepresented populations for accelerated learning at Central Academy and beyond. Federally recognized, underrepresented populations include students from various demographics such as but not limited to federal race designations and eligibility for federal free and reduced priced meals.

Eligible, identified students throughout the district who show discrepant academic needs beyond grade level peers are invited to attend the half day preporatory program at Central Academy. Prep Academy students receive targeted and intensive intervention in math and reading/English Language Arts while also developing the connection, confidence, and competence needed for future ready skills. 

Participation in Prep Academy does not guarantee admission to Central Academy as an 8th grader. Prep Academy students must meet the same criteria for entrance as other incoming 8th grade students.


The identification process begins in 6th grade when every eligible student in the district is screened using the following quantitative and qualitative data to determine outliers when compared to grade level peers. Once schools recommend students whose academic needs would best be met at Prep Academy, invitation letters are sent to families. 

  • Standardized assessment scores  
  • In-class performance as measured through SRG 
  • Input from ELA and Math teachers on a behavioral checklist  


For Prep Academy related questions, you may reach out to any of the following staff members.

¿Preguntas? Se puede hablar a suleyma.reyes@dmschools.org o 515-242-8543


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If you wonder where Prep Academy students go after they graduate, here is a sample!



Take a Virtual Tour of the Prep Academy on YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/PrepTour2022