7th Grade Prep Academy

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The 7th grade Prep Academy prepares advanced students, who are part of our community’s federally recognized, under-represented populations, for accelerated learning at Central Academy. The curriculum is concentrated in reading, English, and mathematics.

Students will be invited to attend the half day preparatory program at Central Academy using the following criteria:

  • Students must be performing at the 80th percentile or higher on the Iowa Assessment Tests or on a comparable nationally normed test in reading. Other major sub-test percentile scores should also be in the 80’s (as a minimum standard).
  • Students must either be a member of a nationally recognized underrepresented demographic group in gifted education or have a family income that would qualify a student for the federal free and reduced priced meal program.
  • School recommendation that the student’s academic needs could be best met at the Prep Academy.
  • Parent permission.
  • Student performance on the Cognitive Abilities Test, or Naglieri Non-Verbal Aptitude Test will also be considered.

Participation in the Prep Academy does not guarantee admission to Central Academy as an 8th grader. Prep Academy students must meet the same criteria for entrance as other incoming 8th grade students.

Prep Academy Advisor: Diane Fox   Diane.fox@dmschools.org


2023-2024: PREP NOTES

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  2022-2023: PREP NOTES

January 6, 2023:  6 Prep Academy News 1 6 23

December 7, 2022:  5 Prep Academy News 12 7 22

November 4, 2022: 4 Prep Academy News 11 4 22

October 14, 2022:  3 Prep Academy News 10 14 22

September 6, 2022: 2 Prep Academy News 9 6 22

August 19, 2022:     WELCOME TO PREP ACADEMY 22 23


2021-2022 ———- THE COLOR OF JUSTICE ——-  CHECK IT OUT!

Twenty-five former Prep Academy students were invited to participate in THE COLOR OF JUSTICE, an event co-sponsored by The National Association of Women Judges, Drake University Law School and Central Academy!


If you wonder where Prep Academy students go after they graduate, here is a sample!



Take a Virtual Tour of the Prep Academy on YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/PrepTour2022