AP English

Central Academy currently offers the following Advanced Placement English courses:

AP English Language and Composition – AP English Language and Composition is designed for students to develop individual writing styles adaptable to different occasions for writing. Students read, analyze, and practice a variety of discursive prose. Through the study of language skills and the structures of sentences, paragraphs, and expository patterns, students demonstrate an appreciation for and competency with the resources of language.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Academy Honors Literature or completion of American Literature (with an A) at student’s home school.

High School Credit: 1 English (weighted course)

Enrollment in the following DMACC Course:
ENG 105 Composition I 3 Credits (F)
ENG 106 Composition II 3 Credits (S)

AP English Literature and Composition – The literature portion of this course emphasizes the development of an approach to college-level reading using traditional and classical literary selections from a wide variety of genre selected to give the student a varied literary background. Composition instruction ranges from reinforcing elementary principles to developing more refined and advanced matters of style, requiring several compositions ranging from the imaginative and personal to the formal and objective. An extensive list of literary terms is incorporated to enhance the analysis of literary pieces and provide a solid literary lexicon.

Prerequisites: Successful completion (A or B average) in Academy American Literature, AP Language & Composition, home high school American Literature, or permission of the instructor.

High School Credit: 1 English (weighted course)

Enrollment in the following DMACC Course:
LIT 101 Introduction to Literature 3 credits (F)
LIT 185 Contemporary Literature 3 credits (S)