AP Mathematics & Computer Science

Central Academy currently offers the following Advanced Placement mathematics courses:

AP Calculus (AB Level) – Advanced Placement Calculus includes the study of elementary functions, limits, continuity, derivatives with applications, and integrals with applications, this course prepares the student for the Advanced Placement examination. Students who successfully complete the course and examination may receive college credit and/or advanced placement credit.

Prerequisites: Successful completion (A or B average) in Pre-Calculus or permission of instructor.

Enrollment in the following DMACC Course:
MAT 211 Calculus I 5 Credits (S)

AP Calculus (BC Level) – BC Calculus offers a review of all first year calculus topics and extends the concept of integration to polar and parametric functions, convergent and divergent series, as well as vectors, are developed and analyzed extensively. Successful completion of the Advanced Placement BC Calculus exam is generally accepted as equivalent to the first three semesters of college Calculus.

Prerequisites: Successful completion (A or B Average) in AB Calculus or permission of the instructor.

High School Credit: 1 Math (weighted course)

Enrollment in the following DMACC Course:
MAT 217 Calculus 2 5 credits (S)

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science A