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AP Exam Schedule 2024 and Locations

AP Exam Timing Chart 2023


In the spring of 2024 we plan to offer the normal testing procedures.  We will offer some digital testing options taken at school with a proctor in a testing room but done on a computer instead of paper pencil exams.

AP exams are administered each May.  Students may elect to take as many AP exams as they would like, and students are encouraged, but not required to take AP exams for course in which they are enrolled.  Each AP exam costs $98.00 ($146 for AP Capstone courses: Seminar and Research).

Tests will be given at a pre-determined date and time set by the College Board in the first two full weeks of May.

Academy students will test at their home school if they are offering the exam.  Any exams not offered at your home school (or if you are an out-of-district student) will be administered at Academy.  A schedule of which exams will be offered is listed on  AP Exam Schedule 2024 and Locations

AP Exam Logistics, like when Central Shuttle Buses run, where to have lunch, class attendance will be coming in the spring.

AP Exams are timed tests.  However, for in-person exams, additional time is necessary for tasks such as distributing test materials, completing identification information on answer sheets, reading instructions aloud, collecting materials, etc.  The College Board provides a window of time when the exam should begin to accommodate these variations.  The exam proctor governs the exam timing.  

Students should plan to be ready to check in 30-minutes before the start of the exam window for both in-person and digital exams.  Paper-pencil exam windows open at 8:00AM or Noon.  Keep in mind the FULL exam time (including check in time, instructions, etc.) when planning your schedule. Last year’s timing chart will likely be similar to this year’s timing: AP Exam Timing Chart 2023

Exams are ordered in the fall (Due November 3, 2023) for year-long classes.  Classes that begin in the second semester have orders dues by March 1, 2024. Why AP Ordering Happens in the Fall


Students MUST use a Join Code for the school to be able to order an exam. Students get the join code from their teacher. Here is a step-by-step guide to using a Join Code: Join AP Class for Students 2 page

If a student takes an Academy class that is also offered at your high school, you’ll take the test at your home school.  You’ll need to tell the College Board where to ship your test by using both your class Join Code AND an Exam Join Code.  Follow this flow chart to see how it works:  Join Code Flow Chart

All DMPS high school students pay for their exams with their home school bookkeepers even if the class is taken at Academy.  Out of District and middle school students in AP courses (rare) pay at Academy.  You can pay online through Infinite Campus after the bookkeeper has added the fee to your account. IC Payment via parent portal

Starting September 15, 2023, AP Coordinators at each school will download exams ordered through My AP Classroom and course join codes and give the list to school bookkeepers.  The bookkeepers will add the exam fee to Infinite Campus.  Students who have textbook fee waivers qualify for a United Way grant that pays for the cost of the exam. The grant is automatically applied to student accounts in Infinite Campus by Bookkeepers.

Periodically, until November 3, 2023, the AP Coordinator at each school will update the bookkeepers with new orders.

Once the order is added to Infinite Campus it can be paid online with a credit card or with a check or cash to the school bookkeeper.   The fee can be paid in installments or all at once. A minimum deposit of $40 per exam is due by November 3, 2023.  Students who qualify for textbook fee waivers have their exams paid for by a grant from the United Way. The bookkeeper will apply the grant automatically to all students who qualify with no deposit required.

Exams may be ordered between November 15, 2023, and March 15, 2024 but a late order fee will be added to the cost of the exam (second semester classes will have until March 15 to place their order without the late fee).  Exams may not be ordered from the College Board after March 15, 2024.


The College Board sets additional fees. They can be avoided. Here is the list:

    • LATE ORDER FEE: This $40 fee is added if your order is submitted by the school after Nov. 15, 2023.   Submitting your order by Nov. 3, 2023, gives us time to ensure all orders are correct before we finalize the school order with the College Board on November 15.
    • CANCELLATION FEE: This $40 fee is added if you cancel an ordered exam any time after November 15, 2023.  If you do not show up for an ordered exam it becomes cancelled. The United Way grant for students with textbook waivers does NOT cover the cost of a cancellation fee– it only pays for exams that are taken. So, if the grant is covering your exam costs and you cancel, you will have to pay $40.
    • LATE TESTING FEE: This $40 fee is added if you postpone your test to the late testing period in the third week in May. This fee can be waived for a good reason.


School AP Coordinator Bookkeeper
District Coordinator Jessica Gogerty
Academy Janelle Danner Herkisha Burkett
East Mary Vanbuer-Salazar Tracey Leech
Hoover Douglas Calaway Jennifer Zavala
Lincoln Joy Lindquist Kristi Baker
North Ryan Williamson Cassie DeYoung Formaro
Roosevelt Nicole Benson Becky Bennett
Virtual Campus Sheila Brown Kelly Bain

What to Bring to an AP Exam

  • Photo Identification (driver’s license or student ID)
  • AP student pack (will be assigned to you)
  • Pencils (#2)
  • Black pen
  • Calculator (if allowed)
  • DO NOT bring other electronic devices (phone, iPod, etc.) as these are not allowed in the testing room and may result in disqualification of score results

Depending on the specific policy at the university or college the student attends, students could earn a significant number of college credits for scoring well on an AP exam.

What AP Stands For – AP Central | College Board