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AP exams are administered each May.  Students may elect to take as many AP exams as they would like, and students are encouraged, but not required to take AP exams for course in which they are enrolled.  Each AP exam costs $94.00.  Depending on the specific policy at the university or college the student attends, students could earn a significant number of college credits for scoring well on an AP exam.   Once a student turns in an order form, the fee will show up in Infinite Campus and can be paid online with a credit card or with a check or cash to the school bookkeeper.   The fee can be paid in installments or all at once.  Students who qualify for textbook fee waivers have their exams paid for by a grant from the United Way. The bookkeeper will apply the grant automatically to all students who qualify.

LEARN MORE at http://ap.dmschools.org

Specific Details for World History People and Places students: https://ca.dmschools.org/2019/09/whpp-ap-exam-orders/

Exam Registration starts September 30, 2019

New this year, the College Board is requiring all AP Exam orders be placed in the fall.  By moving to fall ordering, students in AP classes will have access to many new resources and digital tools to prepare for the exam. There are 3 steps to ordering an exam. Learn more about these changes: Why Change AP Ordering to Fall

Here is a flow chart of how to order exams: How AP Join Codes Work at Academy

1. Students join their AP classes online.  Students will get a “join code” from their AP teachers to join their class online at myap.collegeboard.org.  They will need to have a College Board account to sign in.   If students don’t have an account yet, go to collegeboard.org/register. If students have forgotten their username or password, there are links to help them at myap.collegeboard.org

2. Sign up for the Exam with the College Board by November 8.  If students are taking the AP exam in the same building where they took the class, students simply log into their AP classes at myap.collegeboard.org and change their Exam Order status  to “Yes” or “No”.

However, sometimes students take a class at Academy but take the test at their home school.  For this situation, students need a second join code just for the exam. For example, an 11th grade Lincoln student takes AP English Language and Composition  (AP Lang) at Academy but the AP Lang test is given at Lincoln.  The student gets 2 join codes: one for the class and one for the exam.  The student sets the exam order status to “no” in the class and uses the second join code if she wants to order the exam. Academy AP teachers have all the join codes students need. Just ask.   Click on this link for the location of AP exams in DMPS:   AP Exam Schedule 2020 and Locations

Why do we do it this way?  There are two main reasons, 1) we can save on the cost of exam proctors by having students take the exams in large groups. 2) There is no testing space at Academy that is large enough for all our AP Lang students, for example.  We do not have a gym, library, multi-purpose room, or other large space for testing large groups. Academy  will only test those exams that are unique to Academy  (Calculus BC, for example), for students where the test is not given at their high school, and out of district students who do not attend a DMPS High School.

3. Sign up and pay for the Exam with your School’s Bookkeeper by November 11.  All DMPS high school students will have to fill out an AP Exam Order Form through their home high school’s bookkeeper so that fees can be added to Infinite Campus.  Out of District and middle school students register through Central Academy.  The bookkeeper forms will be available starting September 30 and must be completed by November 11.

Pay a non-refundable $40 deposit for each test ordered by November 11. Final payment for all AP exams is due by March 13, 2020.  All DMPS students order and pay at their home high schools.  Out of district and middle school students order and pay at Academy.

The College Board charges $40 if you change your order after November 15, 2019.  Deciding to take the exam after November 15 OR canceling an exam OR just not showing up on the day of the test costs $40.  That’s why the deposit is non-refundable.

If your family qualifies for the textbook fee waiver, then we will get a grant to pay for your exam(s). However, if you sign up for the exam but then drop the course or don’t use the test, you’ll be charged $40. It is only free if you take the exam.

The AP Exam schedule is set by the College Board.  Here is a link to their site: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/exam-dates-and-fees


Most AP Tests are given in the five comprehensive High schools (East, Hoover, Lincoln, North, Roosevelt) even if students take the AP class at Academy.  However, if students do not attend one of these five schools, they order and take their exams at Academy.

Some exams are ONLY given at Academy.  So, if students who attend one of the five comprehensive high schools take one of these exams, they will still order and pay for the exam at their home school, but they will take the exam at Academy.  Students who do not attend a DMPS high school will order and pay for their exams in the Academy office.  The following exams will be only given at Academy:

Art History European   History Italian   Language & Culture
Calculus BC German   Language & Culture Japanese   Language & Culture
Chinese   Culture and Language Capstone Seminar Physics C:   Mech & Electromagnetism
Computer   Science A Capstone Research World   History

For a comprehensive list of where students take exams click on this link: AP Exam Schedule 2020 and Locations

What to Bring to an AP Exam

  • Photo Identification (driver’s license or student ID)
  • AP student pack (will be assigned to you)
  • Pencils (#2)
  • Black pen
  • Calculator (if allowed)
  • DO NOT bring other electronic devices (phone, iPod, etc.) as these are not allowed in the testing room and may result in disqualification of score results

AP Score Results for Academy Students:

In September every year, the Score Reports are completed for every testing site.  Considering only students who took their AP classes at Central Academy last year, here is the score report as compared to student scores on AP exams around the world. Note: to protect student privacy, any testing groups with fewer than 10 students are not included in this report.  Groups with less than 20% of their eligible students testing are also not included.

FY2019 Scores Public

FY2018 AP Scores

FY2017 AP Scores Comparison Public