Senior Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Central Academy recognized the seniors in the class of 2024 on April 14 at the Scottish Rite Consistory.  If you were not able to come to the ceremony, please stop by the Academy office to get your certificate, program, and any other awards you may have.

Watch the ceremony here:

Please come by the main office and pick up your certificates, awards, and your program book if you haven’t already.


C.O.R.E Leadership Award: Curtis Badio (31:33)

National Merit Finalist: Evelyn Aron, Elliott Cataldi, Alec Fialkov, Quentin Soucy, Phillip Williams (32:24)

AP Scholars (34:52)

  • AP Scholars: Sebastian Alfaro-Magana, Ian Alonzo, William Anderson, Evelyn Aron, Hans David, Carmela Davidson, Pleyiwon Forfor, Lauren Foxx-Gruensteidl, Calvin Goldsberry, Hannah Hayes, Victory Ibaakee, Maia Kissell, Owen Krueger, Avery Lawler, Kathleen Loder, Mia Maxwell, Andrea Mayorga, Santiago Melendez Lopez, Isabella Moyer, Brayden Page, Declan Phillips, Devan Renes, Maya Rousseau, Haley Schlueter, Lillian Smith, Saw Gee Dow Sow, Natalie Strain, Charles Timm, Genesis Trujillo-Lopez, Augustine Vance, Poe Wah, Christopher Young
  • AP Scholars with Honor: Henry Beaumont, Lexie Bingham, Benjamin Clark, Daniel Fialkov, Owen Hewitson, Layla Kirk, Lawrence Oliver Sloan, Eli Smithberg, Keira Steenhoek, Liam Zdenek
  • AP Scholars with Distinction: Elliott Cataldi, Joel Chan, Andy Chen, Ellie Chungath, Winston Dias, Alec Fialkov, Elena Gentry, Joey He, Boral Hoogeveen, Trey Jackson, Iavan Kelley, Anna Lundy, Kevin Nguyen, Sam Norris, Sydney Parker, Abigail Pfeifer, Joshua Sadler, Addison Schaecher, Ree Sievers, Quentin Soucy, Ashley Stevens, Minhuyen Vo, Jonah Wilke-Shapiro, Philip Williams, Weston Wise

Capstone Diploma Recognition: Dairen Castro, Elechar Chungath, Winston Dias, Pleyiwon Forfor, Elena Gentry, Calvin Goldsberry, Hannah Hayes, Trey Jackson, Kathleen Loder, Anna Lundy, Andrea Mayorga, Esra Noor, Haley Schlueter, Reed Sievers, Saw Gee Dow Sow, Ashley Stevens, Genesis Truillo-Lopez, Jonah Wilke Shapiro, Weston Wise  (41:56)

Denis Hildreth Award: Minhuyen Vo (44:00)

Department Awards:

  • Art: Ameila Vermeer (47:30)
    • Jayla Drew, Kirah Hayhew, Meadow Dahlhauser, Peter McCann
  • English: Genesis Trujillo-Lopez (53:09)
    • Sophia Matthews, Alison DeLuna, Shanee Saidu, Sydney Parker, Pleyiwon Forfor, Nadia Powell
  • Mathematics: Alec Fialkov (57:37)
    • Philip Williams, Joey He, Carmela Davidson, Sebastian Alfaro-Magana
  • Science: Ivan Kelley (1:03:49)
    • Boreal Hoogeven, Alison DeLuna, Kevin Perez, Joey He, Genesis Trujillo-Lopez, Dublin Loy
  • Social Science: Elechar Chungath (1:07:50)
    • Dairen Castro, Erik Castillo Ramirez, Genesis Trujillo-Lopez, Ashley Stevens, Icarus Myers, Lucy Falkstrom
  • World Languages:  Ivan Kellen (1:16:47)
    • Italian: Viviane Vernier, Alison DeLuna, Minhuyen Vo, Genesis Trujillo-Lopez, Benjamin Horner, Ava Hagen
    • Chinese: Elliott Cataldi, Joey He, Mar Saw Paw, Andrea Mayorga
    • French: Addison Boon, Alayna Guschin, Heidel Rivera Estrella, Kevin Nguyen

Senior Scholar (Selected by senior voting): Sydney Parker (1:22:35)

Senior Speaker (Selected by senior voting): Sydney Parker (1:24:54)

Congratulations, Seniors!

Please remember, Seniors, your last day of classes at Central Academy is Tuesday, May 21, 2024.  Enjoy every moment!

Group of smiling seniors

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