Solar Eclipse Excursion!

​Dear Central Academy period 7 students and families,

On Monday, April 8, Central Academy students and staff will walk a few blocks to the downtown Sculpture Garden and observe the peak of the solar eclipse during period 7 (1:30 – 2:15).  The peak is scheduled to occur from 1:58-2:01, when approximately 85% of the sun will be blocked by the moon passing in front of it.

All participants will be given ISO rated safety glasses to wear while observing the eclipse.  Everyone will be required to wear their glasses while observing the phenomenon.

Curiosity about the natural world is a common characteristic of academics and we could not miss this chance to witness the celestial event!  This ARTICLE in the Atlantic by Professor Adam Frank, Astrophysicist, explains the history of solar eclipses on Earth.

Students will report to their period 7 class as usual for attendance taking and to get their glasses.  At about 1:35, we will walk to the Sculpture Garden to observe.  We will head back to the school at about 2:10 for the end of class at 2:15.

This is our class assignment on Monday during period 7.  We hope everyone will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind high school experience and take this walk in the park with us to observe this celestial event!

Students who are unable to attend the entirety of period 7 because of other appointments may wait in the main lobby at Academy before signing out.  If parents do not want their child to participate, please email and we will provide an alternate assignment to be completed at school.

(Unfortunately, we only have enough safety glasses for students enrolled in period 7.)

Let’s hope for clear skies and warm weather so we have a comfortable and unobstructed view!

Eclipse 4.8.2024

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