Parent Teachers Conference Schedule for Fall

Dear Central Academy students and families,

Parent-initiated conferences, where parents arrange to meet with teachers, will be on Monday, October 31.  We will have opportunities for parents to schedule phone conferences, schedule in-person conferences, or attend during our drop-in conferences on that day.

Click to schedule a PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE with Academy teachers on October 31, 2022.

Scheduled conferences can be by phone or in-person at Cental Academy between 12:30 and 4:00 PM and are 5 minutes in duration.

Sign up for a time to visit with teachers.   This 2:30 VIDEO explains how to use our system to book your conference.

Drop in conferences (no appointment necessary) are from 4 – 6 PM.

Email the teacher directly for questions and concerns about your child’s progress in class if you cannot attend conferences on October 31.

We will also have teacher-initiated conferences the week of December 12, at three-quarters through the semester.  Academy teachers will be reaching out to parents and guardians with progress updates either by email or phone throughout that week.

As always, you can email your child’s teacher with any concerns or questions outside of conference times.  Find teacher emails at

I have been so impressed with overall student readiness and focus this school year!  We are also celebrating our recent recognition on the Iowa AP Index as one of the top schools in the state of Iowa in Advanced Placement.  “Des Moines Central Academy, a nationally known magnet school, is recognized for the excellent performance of its students. We commend Central Academy for its 2022 Iowa AP Index of 6.25.”   The top ranked private school had an index of 3.25 and the top ranked public school had an index of 3.02.  Because Academy is a program and not a comprehensive school, we are not ranked alongside comprehensive public and private schools; a direct comparison would be unfair.  But our students and staff did really well and I am very proud!


Dr. Gogerty

Director of Advanced Learning

Des Moines Public Schools

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