Volunteer Opportunities at Academy

Dear Central Academy High School students and families,

If you’re looking for some silver cord hours or would just like to help out, we’ve got 3 volunteer opportunities at Central Academy in Second Semester:

1. Assist with the Red Cross Blood Drive on February 11.   The Drive is being held here at Central Academy in the Gym balcony between 8:30 – 2:30.   If you have an open block on Friday, February 11 and would like to help out the Red Cross just let Dr. Gogerty know by responding to this SURVEY.  You do NOT have to be a blood donor to help with the drive.  If you’re a senior and would like to be a lead assistant with Dr. Gogerty, you could qualify to be entered in a scholarship drawing by helping out.

2.  Be a Teacher Aid: If you have an open block and would like to be a teacher aid for the main office, counseling office, or for a teacher who has requested aid, please contact Kris Hilton, Academy counselor, by stopping by the counseling office or at kristin.hilton@dmschools.org.

3. Work in the Academy Library.  ​Didn’t know we had a library?  It’s new in room 1021 (next door to Ms. Lyddon Hatten’s Room)!  If you have an open block, regularly get to Central by 8:15, or are available during lunch, and would like to work in our library checking books in and out, please contact Suleyma Reyes, Counseling Assistant, by stopping by the Counseling office or at suleyma.reyes@dmschools.org.  There is a desk for you to work at and you would need your laptop to check books in and out.


Why are we hosting a blood drive?  I have lost 5 family members since the start of the pandemic.  I became a blood donor in 2021 to honor each family member I lost.  Right now there is a critical shortage of blood in our nation’s hospitals.  And the Red Cross is our neighbor here on Grand Ave. When I was giving blood in September, they asked if Academy might like to sponsor a blood drive and I knew we had generous students who would be willing to participate.  We hope to get about 50 people to donate blood on February 11.  If you’d like to sign up to give blood, USE THIS LINK TO GIVE BLOOD (click on “See Times” on the left).  Or if you you’d just like to volunteer to help out,  USE THIS LINK TO ASSIST THE DRIVE.  Any Academy high school student can help out, even if they cannot give blood.

Adults and students may SIGN UP to give blood (click on “See Times” on the left).  Students aged 17 and older may give blood without parental consent.  Students aged 16 may give blood with Parental Consent Blood Donation EN .  INFORMATION FOR TEEN DONORS.  Thank you so much!

Blood Drive

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