COVID Notification System Explained

Dear Central Academy Students and Families,

Academy teachers will notify students and families of any confirmed COVID cases in the classroom when there has been potential exposure to others. The school nurse, Jasmine Lester, will notify the classroom teacher and me when notification must be made. Notification to the rest of the class must be made when a student was in class one day before testing positive for COVID. The identity of the student testing positive will be kept confidential.

Teachers will contact students and families of all exposed students in the class at the email address listed in Infinite Campus and will include all the necessary information provided by the nurse. Students who have been exposed but do not have symptoms are not required to quarantine. They should monitor for symptoms for 14 days, wear a mask, stay home if ill, and get tested 5 – 7 days after exposure.

So far, we have not had to use the notification system even though one student has tested positive and another is awaiting test results.  The reason we have not had to use our notification system is because students have stayed home when they felt sick and avoided potentially exposing others.

Of course, the deviousness of the COVID virus is that some people do not have symptoms and are unaware that they are exposing others. That’s why I am so grateful that approximately 95% of students and 100% of teachers are choosing to wear masks every day. Wearing a mask protects the community if you happen to be the asymptomatic person. Wearing is caring. Masks are available in our lobby when entering the building for anyone who needs one.

Thank you students and families for taking individual actions that collectively protect all of us.

Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Stay home if you feel sick.

It has been wonderful to hear the piano in our lobby and the laughter in our hallways, and the learning conversations in our classrooms. I am grateful to have our students back in the building. By working together we can keep our learning community healthy.

Our school nurse may be reached at or 515-242-7779.

Stay healthy,

-Dr. Gogerty, Director of Advanced Learning


Message from our Nurse:  Mitigating Covid in the New Year – Central Academy (


Despite the excitement, many have mixed feelings about returning to in-person learning because of the rise of the Delta variant in our community. It is reasonable and rational to feel trepidation about the gathering together indoors. Our path forward is to mitigate the risks to ourselves and others as much as possible.  Learn more from our school nurse, Jasmine Lester, DMPS’ statement on a healthy start, or from the American Association of Pediatricians.

  • Get Vaccinated. The science is clear, the vaccines are like personal body armor.  If you have not yet been vaccinated, please go to for information on receiving the vaccine in Polk County.  In Polk County, according to the latest data, 71.4% of people 12 years old and older have had at least one dose of vaccine and 64.6% are fully vaccinated ( as of 8/14/2021).
  • Wear a Mask correctly and consistently inside schools.  Wearing is caring. Masks protect our younger brothers and sisters  who are not old enough to get the vaccine and other unvaccinated and vulnerable people.  Masks are highly encouraged for everyone inside our school. You MUST wear masks on school buses by federal orderWe will have masks on hand for those who need them.  But it would be helpful if you could provide your own.
  • Stay home when sick.  We will work hard to provide supports to students who cannot attend in-person due to illness or quarantine through the use of Canvas and, when possible, on Teams.  We will utilize online resources when possible. For example, AP classes have access to My AP Classroom resources and supports.  If you must be absent, please email your teacher and call our attendance office at 515-242-7653.  If you have health concerns or questions Jasmine Lester, school nurse can be reached at 515-242-7779.
  • Stay hydrated.  Drinking enough water improves your immunity.  Carry a water bottle. The first floor drinking fountain has a water bottle filler.  We are installing a second water bottle filling station on the second floor soon.
  • Wash your hands. We have installed hand sanitizing stations at almost every turn and in every classroom.
  • Keep indoor spaces well ventilated.  We have a new HVAC system that was installed this summer (and just turned on this week) and we will run our ventilation system at higher than normal volumes to cycle the air.
  • Limit your exposure to crowds whenever possible.  This one is hard to do in schools.  But we do have space to spread out during lunch because of the design of our building. Please be respectful of others who are unmasking at lunch.
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