Hello Term 2 Potters!

Hello Potters!

If you are signed up for the Central Academy art class, “Throwing” in Term 2 starting Tuesday, November 10, we need to know if you are planning to take the shuttle bus from your home school to Central on the day you have your Throwing class or if you will provide your own transportation to Central.

In the past, students could ride any shuttle bus between their home school and Central.  But this year we need to assign you to a bus to better ensure social distancing.

Please complete this SURVEY by Friday to let us know if we should schedule you on a shuttle bus or not.  If you sign up, we’ll let you know your shuttle bus information between October 26 and November 9.

If you choose to use the Central Shuttle, the survey will also ask if you want to stay for “open studio”.  Your Throwing class is from 8:45 – 11:30 on the day you are assigned to attend. You may choose to also stay for the optional independent work time in open studio from noon – 2:30. You may only work in the studio on the day you are assigned. You are not required to attend open studio.  However, since buses are assigned, I need to know if you intend to regularly attend Open Studio so you are assigned a bus at the correct time.

  • If you chose open studio, you’ll be assigned a bus for 3:05.  But if you suddenly needed to leave after period 2, you could always arrange your own ride and leave at 11:30.
  • If you do not choose open studio, you will be assigned a bus at 11:50.  You could always choose to stay for open studio and arrange your own ride home, but your assigned bus would be at 11:50.

NOTE: We are serving lunch at Central.  And lunch is free to all students. You sign up for the lunch as you enter the building.  (see the videos on our website for more information).

In order to make Infinite Campus handle the requirements of scheduling Throwing, Academy’s only hybrid class, we had to schedule you in both the Academy AND the Campus schedule. You’ll see it as “Art Lab” in the Campus Schedule so you could see which day you are scheduled to attend.  In the Academy schedule you’ll see it as “Throwing” which tells you which term you attend.

Find out more about the Studio this fall on our website.

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