Prep Academy Update

Dear Prep Academy students and families,

Hello, friends!  I hope you are doing well!  I know you’ve been waiting patiently as we phase in our remote learning for this semester after our schools were closed due to the Coronavirus. High School seniors started this week, grades 9 – 11 start next week (April 20), 8th grade Academy starts later next week (April 23), and middle school starts April 27.

Prep Academy starts on April 27 following the district’s middle school calendar. All of my Prep Academy teachers also teach high school courses, so phasing in the courses gives them time to prepare remote teaching  and learning materials for each group.

Like most middle schools, Prep Academy will NOT be posting semester grades this semester. Teachers have posted topic scores for work completed in the first half of the semester.  However, we are not going to spend precious time going back to update those topic scores, nor will we be posting semester grades.  Instead, we’d really just like to connect with any of you who are willing and able to learn for the fun of learning. Each of the Prep Academy teachers will be offering enrichment learning to practice skills, pursue interests, and explore new ideas.

You may be wondering, ” But what about 8th Grade Academy? Don’t I have to have A’s and B’s to join the 8th Grade Academy program next year?”  This year is different.  I’ve spoken with your Prep teachers, we want you to come to 8th Grade Academy.

If you have questions, please reach out to Stephanie Davis, our GT Consultant or Kris Hilton, Academy Counselor.

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