Mathematics Champions at 61st Merten Hasse Competition

Academy students went to South Dakota in April for the 61st annual Merten Hasse Mathematics Competition. They brought home 1st place, accumulating 180 team points.  Two schools tied for 2nd place with 24.5 points apiece.  Individual Academy mathletes nearly swept every category.

61st Merten Hasse Math Competition

April 16, 2016

Place First Name Last Name Course Rating
1 Abarham Schaecher Algebra I Superior
2 Cameron Mohne Algebra I Superior
3 Elianna LaVie Algebra I Outstanding
5 tie Kylie Benesh-Llop Algebra I Excellent
5 tie Kalen Truong Algebra I Excellent
7 Sirena Backham Algebra I Honorable Mention


2 Carver Bartz Geometry Superior
3 Maddie Moody Geometry Outstanding
5 Thea Steinbach Geometry Excellent


1 Coel Reece Algebra II Superior
2 Alex Liu Algebra II Superior
6 Miles Curtis Algebra II Excellent
7 Natalie Chartier Algebra II Honorable Mention


2 Tanner Drabek Precalculus Superior
3 tie Nathan Bui Precalculus Outstanding
3 tie Daniel Fisher Precalculus Outstanding
5 Ben Wonderlin Precalculus Excellent
6 Jimmy Le Precalculus Excellent
7 Aditya Somisetty Precalculus Honorable Mention


1 Evan Hilton Calculus Superior
2 Owen Koster Calculus Superior
4 Kevin Li Calculus Outstanding
5 Connor Johnson Calculus Excellent
6 Aditi Jithendra Calculus Excellent
7 Katie Suh Calculus Honorable Mention
8 Shivani Kumaresan Calculus Honorable Mention


#1 in the team competition: Anne Van Heukelom, Tanner Drabek, Jimmy Le, and Vicky Yin


#1 School (First Place) for Large Schools (in other words, “We WON!”)


School Scores:  Central Academy –           180.0 points

                               Lincoln High School (SD) – 24.5 points

                               Yankton High School (SD)- 24.5 points


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