AP Exam Orders Coming Due!

Students enrolled in AP classes should decide this week if they want to take the AP exam in May.  This Friday, November 3, is the last day students may change their order on the College Board site.

After Nov. 3, students must contact the AP Administrator at the school where they are taking the test to change their order.  (see list below)

The most accurate place to see your AP exam order status is by logging into your College Board account at myap.collegeboard.org.

A $40 deposit for each ordered exam is also due to your home school’s bookkeeper by November 3 (out of district and middle school students pay at Academy).  Please talk to your AP Administrator if you need an extension to pay the deposit. Balances must be paid by March 1.  Most AP exams cost $98 (Research and Seminar are $146).

Students who receive textbook fee waivers or exemptions also qualify for a grant that pays for the cost of the exam.  However, the grant does NOT pay for fees.  So, if a student orders an exam and then cancels, they will be responsible for the $40 cancelation fee.

There is a $40 fee for changes to AP exam orders after November 15.  Any new orders* or canceled orders after November 15 are changed $40.  (*for classes that start in the second semester, S2 Macroeconomics and S2 Physics C, the deadline is March 1 instead of November 15). Students who pay for exams out of pocket and cancel an ordered exam will lose their deposit but be refunded the remainder of their payment.

For more information please visit: ca.dmschools.org/adv-placement/ap-exam-information/

AP administrators:

  • Academy: Janelle Danner
  • East: Mary Vanbuer-Salazar
  • Hoover: Douglas Calaway
  • Lincoln: Joy Linquist
  • North: Ryan Williamson
  • Roosevelt: Nicole Benson
  • Virtual Campus: Sheila Brown
  • District Coordinator:  Jessica Gogerty
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