Memorial for Ms. Kristi Myers

20200105 192012000 iOSEarly Sunday morning, Ms. Kristi Myers, English teacher at Central Academy, died from a long illness.  I am so sorry to tell you this sad information this way because school is not in session.

We will have a memorial for Ms. Myers at Central Academy on Wednesday, June 7, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM so that we may gather together and comfort each other. All students, families, staff, and alumni who are able to attend are welcome.  Members of the district’s grief response team will be on hand.  Everyone is encouraged to reach out to family, friends, and school staff for support and to express their feelings. Please let us know if you need additional support.

At the memorial there will be a notebook where people can write their favorite Ms. Myers memory. We will have a slide show in the lobby of Ms. Myers at Academy, quiet spaces on the first floor to gather with friends and loved ones, and, if there is interest, there will be a microphone for people to share their favorite anecdotes about Ms. Myers.  There is no formal ceremony.

If you cannot attend the memorial and would like to add a memory to the book, please email me your message at

Ms. Myers was an incredibly popular teacher for her gentleness and skill at developing writers.  Ms. Kellen commented, “Of all the things she could have chosen to do in her last year of life, she persistently chose to teach at Central Academy.  She loved her family the very most, but a close second was her love of teaching…with her beautiful students. She gave this job her all in the very best Kristi way.”

Ms. Kellen summed it up best when she wrote, “[Ms. Myers] was always thinking of ways to lift others up. Her room was a soft place in our building. Students shared in their notes to her how safe and loved they felt in her classroom.”

If you or your student is struggling with grief, you may contact our Student Assistance Program (SAP) for free counseling services.  The Flyer is attached.  Also attached is general information about grief and grieving.


Grief Information and Resources

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