Happy New Year 2023

Dear Central Academy students and families,

Happy New Year!  I hope you have stayed warm and healthy during the break so far.

I love the New Year because it can be a fresh start.  It is a chance to pause and reflect before charging into 2023. Even though we will be sprinting through the last  8 days of first semester when we return to classes next Wednesday, January 4, the winter break has given us an opportunity to renew ourselves.

Some of you might grumbling that you did not get much of a break because you spent your time working, or recovering from illness, traveling, or going to practice or rehearsal.  But even if you are not sleeping in everyday, a change of pace can be rejuvenating. For example, time spent working at a part-time job can give you a a sense of purpose— to be of service— and give you a little extra money in your pocket.  If you were sick or grieving over break, you have the opportunity to heal without missing classes.  Even traveling, rehearsing, or going to practice—as exhausting as they can be—are also a chance to gain a new perspective.  It takes work to engage with the arts or athletics.  But when you change the type of thinking you’re doing, it can restore you and ease your stress.  I hope you make the most of these next few days as the new year dawns so you come back to classes ready and renewed.

May the coming year be filled with unexpected joys for you and your family.  Special shout out to the class of 2023!  This is your year!

Dr. Gogerty

Dates to remember:
January 4: classes resume
January 13: last day of First Semester
January 16: no classes— MLK day
January 17-18: no classes— teacher professional development.
January 18: First semester grades are finalized.
January 19: Second Semester starts.
February 13: No classes- teacher professional development
February 20- 24: teacher initiated conferences at Academy
March 13-17: Spring break
March 20-21: no classes— teacher professional development
March 20: parent initiated conferences at Academy (both scheduled and drop in)
April 16: Central Academy Senior Recognition Ceremony
April 21: no classes for students or teachers
April 24: no classes— teacher professional development
April 24- 28: teacher initiated conferences at Academy
May 1- 12: administration of AP exams
May 23: last day of Academy classes for seniors.
May 29: no school— Memorial Day
May 31: last day of Second Semester
June 1: Second Semester grades finalized.

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