AP Exam Orders Due

​Dear Central Academy High School Students and Families,

This message is for students taking an Advanced Placement class this year.

Please log into your College Board account this weekend and check your exam order status.  https://myap.collegeboard.org

There is a two-step process for ordering exams:

  1. Registering with the College Board
  2. Paying at least a minimum $40 deposit with your school bookkeeper (unless you qualify for the United Way grant).

We can still adjust your AP Exam order without incurring fees. But you must go through the Administrator where your class is being taught. The last day Administrators can change your order is Monday, November 15, without incurring fees. 

After November 15, it will cost $40 to cancel an exam (even if you qualify for the grant) and an additional $40 to order an exam.

So, please, please check your order status this weekend for each of your AP classes on the College Board site.  This is the most accurate place to check your exam order.  If you need to make changes to your order, please reach out to the school administrator where you are taking the class by Monday.

​School ​Administrator ​Bookkeeper
​Academy ​Jessica Gogerty ​Kimberly Kinney
​East ​Steven Leib ​Tracey Fetters
​Hoover ​Boston Freillinger ​Amy Fritz
​Lincoln ​Mindy Euken ​Kristi Baker
​North ​James Zabel ​Cassie DeYoung Formaro
​Roosevelt ​Praveen Bannikatti ​Janet Stonerock
​Virtual Campus ​Sheila Brown ​Heather Menninga

Tests cost $96 per exam (Seminar and Research cost $144).  You may pay in full at any time.  But the balance is due by March 4, 2022. You can check your fees in Infinite Campus to see if your fee has been added, if it has been paid, or if you qualify for the United Way grant (the fee will be exempted).

More information about AP Exams can be found at AP Exam Information


Dr. Gogerty

PS: AP classes that start in the second semester (Macroeconomics and Physics C: Electromagnetism) do not have to place their orders now. They have until March 4, 2022 to place orders and pay for their exams without any additional fees.

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