Academy Senior Recognition Ceremony 2021

Dear Seniors and families of the class of 2021,

In a large collaborative effort, Central Academy seniors and staff produced the Academy Senior Recognition Ceremony!

It is an informal parade of accolades, recognition, celebrations, humor, gratitude, and love. We are so proud of the Class of 2021, not only for all they have accomplished at Academy over the years (some have attended Academy for 5 – 6 years!) but for how they have responded to the challenges of the past year.

This video demonstrates the power of volunteerism.  Seniors were invited to create 10 – 30 second stage walk videos.  Approximately 150 people stepped up and stepped in to participate in this production. Not everybody chose participate for a variety of reasons. But everyone’s name was included in the print program mailed home before Memorial Day weekend. (Because the video is published on YouTube, we requested permission from students or guardians to include named pictures of students in the video.)

I am so proud to present the wonderful men and women of the Class of 2021!


Special Recognitions start at 4:46
Art Awards at 12:02
English Awards at 16:07
Mathematics Awards at 19:46
Science Awards at 26:22
Social Sciences at 29:49
World Languages at 35:44
Senior Scholar at 42:45
Senior Speaker at 46:41
Stage Walk videos at 50:00

With Love,

Dr. Gogerty

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