AP Exam Survey


You are receiving this message because you have an order for an Advanced Placement exam(s) this spring with Des Moines Public Schools.  Due to the pandemic, the College Board, which oversees the Advanced Placement exam program, has opened several options for students to complete their exams this year including in-person traditional exams and digital exams. Des Moines Public School students will have some choices for when and which formats they can take their exams.

This VIDEO explains the formats and options for AP Testing in DMPS this year.  OR, if you prefer, this is the script for the video: AP Exam Options 2021

Please take this SURVEY  to let us know your preferences for your exams this year. (https://tinyurl.com/DMPS2021AP)

This short VIDEO explains how to navigate the survey.

Here are some helpful resources to make an informed decision before you take the survey:

  • The differences between exam formats by exam name:    Ap 2021 exam formats
  • A video from the College Board describing Digital Exams: https://youtu.be/cUtHuYfPsFY
  • The 2021 AP Exam Calendar from the College Board (not all exams are available at all schools): 2021 AP Exam Calendar – AP Students | College Board
  • The timing chart lists how much time students will have to respond to questions during the exam.  When planning your schedule, it may be helpful to keep in mind the FULL exam time (including check in time, etc.) in addition to the time allotted to respond to questions: AP Exam Timing Chart

You may retake your survey if necessary. The survey closes March 26.

School administrators who manage the AP orders must register your choices with the College Board by April 1.  So, please complete the survey as soon as you can.

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