High School Credit Options for 8th Grade Students

Dear 8th Grade Academy students and families!

At the end of each semester, parents of 8th grade students must decide how they would like their child’s Academy classes to appear on their high school transcripts.  Indicate your choice for each class by filling out this survey by February 19, 2021.


You will need your child’s 6-digit ID number and know which classes your child took at Academy in term 1 and term 2.  This information can be found on Infinite Campus.


Credit Bearing Courses:

Every 8th grade student taking courses at Academy will earn high school credit for all of the academic classes they take at Academy. Directed Study does not earn high school credit. Parents and guardians have two choices as to how passing grades will appear on the high school transcript: Passing (NOT calculated in high school grade point average (GPA)) or the regular letter grade (calculated in high school GPA).  Incomplete grades are not calculated in the high school GPA.

The 8th Grade Academy classes that earn high school credit are:

​English ​Mathematics ​Science Soc. Studies
​Acc. Lang & Lit I S1 ​Algebra I ​Conceptual Physics S1 ​Accelerated Early US History
​Academy Geometry ​Environmental Science S1
​Rad Acc Geom/Alg IIA

Incomplete grades in the pandemic:

Due to the pandemic, no failing grades will be transcribed.  If a student did not provide enough evidence of their skills and knowledge to pass the class by the end of the semester, an incomplete grade was assigned instead.  The incomplete grade will remain on the transcript until the student completes the course.  Incomplete grades may remain on the transcript indefinitely and do not count towards the student’s GPA.

Video explanation of options:

When the State Law changed and required high school classes taken in middle school to appear on transcripts, we made a webinar explaining the change and the choice each student will have to make each semester for each class.


Making your Choices:

Look in Infinite Campus for your child’s fall semester classes and grades to help you decide which option to take.  Usually,  A or B grades are counted towards the GPA (regular letter grade), C or D grades are listed as P (not in GPA), and any non-passing grade are listed at INC (not in GPA).

You do not have to make the same choice for all classes– you can choose Pass for one class and the traditional letter grade for others.  Incomplete grades are automatically added to the transcript and will not count towards the GPA.

If you do not complete the survey to indicate your choice by February 19, Central Academy will automatically add any grade of A or B to the high school transcript as part of your child’s high school GPA and any grade of C or lower will be added to the high school transcript as P or INC.

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