Prep Academy Materials for Second Semester Ready for Pick Up

Dear Prep Academy Students and Families,

Materials for second semester classes are ready for pick up starting on Monday, January 18.   Second Semester begins Monday, January 25, 2021.  (The Building is closed on Friday, Jan. 15 because of weather).  The GIF below shows where to find the materials.


Come by Central Academy, 1912 Grand Ave, any time between 8 AM and 4 PM on school days. We will also be open on Monday, January 18, even though classes are not in session.

The envelopes are labeled with student names and contain materials for both the English and Mathematics classes no matter which one you have first.


If you would rather have us mail these materials to you, please complete this SURVEY.

Also, there are free backpack/shoulder bags available.  They come in red, blue, and black and are stored under the tables in the main hall.  Help yourself!

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