Geometry and Algebra II Unit 2 Materials Ready

Hello Central Academy Geometry and Algebra II students and families!

The print shop has completed printing of the Unit 2 materials for Geometry and Algebra II.  Please come by Central Academy, 1912 Grand Ave, to pick up two workbooks. You’ll need Unit 2 parts1 and 2.

Geometry students begin Unit 2 on Tuesday, September 22.

Algebra II students begin Unit 2 on Friday, September 18.  They do have access to the digital version of these materials in Canvas. The print copies give students an opportunity to work “off-screen”.

They are on the left table in the front foyer.  Our doors are unlocked from 8 – 4. You can park in the drive way and just dash in.

If you want us to mail them to you, please complete this SURVEY.

IMG 7444

IMG 7448

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IMG 7445

IMG 7446

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