Place that Picture Game!

The ANSWERS!  Place that Picture ANSWERS

Central Academy Students!

You could win a fabulous prize!  Play the collaborative PLACE THAT PICTURE game!

Use this clue sheet to name the place where the picture was taken. Place that Picture Game

Use this map to remember who teaches in which room. Academy Map FY2020 Picture Game

Then ENTER your answers to be eligible for the prize!  You must sign in with your school email address to enter.


All pictures are from this school year and were taken inside Central Academy.

Name the classroom by the teacher who teaches there, the room number, or use a phrase such as “Second floor south lounge” or “First floor main hall”.

You MAY collaborate!  This is more fun when we work together!

Only current Academy students are eligible for prizes.

You must use your school ID number or school email to enter your answers.

Each person must enter their own responses to be eligible for a prize.  There can be more than one winner!

Contest ends May 1, 2020 at 11:30 PM CDT.

Prizes will be mailed after contest closes.

Answers will be posted after contest closes.

Front steps

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