Summer Newsletter

​Happy Summer, Central Academy students and families!

The Central Academy Leadership team has been active this summer getting ready for the new school year. We are planning to have a student centered orientation/open house on Monday, August 20 between 5:30 and 7:00 PM.  The purpose of orientation is to give students (and parents) an opportunity to walk the halls, find their classes, and meet their teachers before the first day of school (August 23).

We are also considering having a Parent Night on August 16 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.  The purpose of the Parent Night is specifically for those families new to the Academy.  If there is interest in the program, we will discuss how to support a child undertaking accelerated course work for the first time.  Please complete this survey to let us know about your interest in this and other Parent programs including Parent-Teacher Conferences. Parent Survey

Students taking English and some Social Studies courses have summer assignments that need to be completed before the first day of school.   Find the assignments at Summer Assignments

Next year, Des Moines Public Schools has adopted new bell times.  Please find Central Academy’s bell times as well as the A/B calendar for high school classes here: Academy Schedule FY2019.  Generally speaking, students eat lunch where they take their block 3 class. So, if your block 3 class is at Central, you’ll have a lunch period at Central (7th graders have lunch at their home schools, 8th graders have lunch at Central).  Students who attend Community Eligible Schools or quality for free or reduced priced meals will have the same benefits extended at Central.

Every year students must register for school. You only have to do this once, even if you attend Central Academy. DMPS students who take classes at Central Academy register at their home school. Online registration for DMPS schools starts July 16. If you do not attend a DMPS school, please contact about completing Online Registration for Central Academy after July 16.

We will send out an August Newsletter with more information about the new school year!  Have a great summer!

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