Academy After Hours starts Sept 20

The Academy After Hours program starts, Tuesday, September 20. Any Academy student can stay for popcorn, music, and academic engagement from 2:30 to 4:30 on most Tuesday nights.  This is a Academy After Hours Flyer  describing the program design to build relationships among students and staff, celebrate the achievement that comes with succeeding at challenging work, and improve study skills.  All Academy students are welcome to stay on Tuesday nights.

There will be 3 DMPS shuttle buses that will leave Academy at 4:30 and stop at middle schools on the south side, the north east side, and the north west side of DM.  Here is the bus schedule with the times when buses are schedule to arrive at each school.  Please note, the bus may arrive earlier if it skips a school with no riders. ACADEMY AFTER HOURS BUS SCHEDULE

Please take this 2 question survey so we can estimate interest in the program.

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