Two DMPS students invited to Governor’s Round Table Discussion

003David Ewing (Lincoln) and Madisen Blackford (Hoover) were 2 of the 3 high school students invited to a STEM roundtable discussion with Governor Brandstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds on Wednesday, August 12.  Organized by the Iowa STEM Council, the students explained to the Governor how the efforts of the Future Ready Iowa project to align education, workforce and economic development would work best for them. There were 8 students on the panel: 3 high school, 3 community college, 1 4-year undergraduate and 1 graduate student.  David expressed gratitude to his iJag instructor at Lincoln and the lifestyle class he took there.  He also was inspired by his Broadcast and Film classes at Central Campus.  David says that opportunities at Central Campus and Central Academy should be easier to find out about.  “If you don’t know what you want to do, there isn’t an easy pipeline to help guide you.  Having guidance in high school, like my iJag teacher did for me, is important.”  Madisen told the Governor about the importance of her AP classes.  “I learned about careers in AP Human Geography.  There is a lot more variety of jobs at Pioneer than you’d think.”  She also said having more simulations like she did in AP Biology would be helpful in deciding future career paths.

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