Students Excel in Golden Circle Math Contest

Over 140 students participated in Central Academy’s 9th Annual Golden Circle mathematics competition on November 1 with 12 students winning individual awards in four categories.  

The Golden Circle mathematics competition is held for Central Academy math students in ninth grade and below.

This year’s individual winners were:

Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Novice Madison Smith, 7th Grade (Hoyt) Andrea Babcock, 7th Grade (Goodrell) Madison Baxter, 7th Grade (Moulton)
Apprentice Giovanni Tenikat, 8th Grade (McCombs) April Phommachack, 8th Grade (Goodrell) Samuel Stevens, 7th Grade (Brody)
Geometry Wizards Cole Schroder-Kelly, 9th Grade (Colfax-Mingo) Joshua Flory, 8th Grade (Merrill) Maya Petersen, 8th Grade (Merrill)
Advanced Wizards Jack Wahlig, 9th Grade (Roosevelt) Zach Lin, 9th Grade (Roosevelt) Evan Hilton, 6th Grade (Merrill)

For the competition, students were organized into teams by the level of mathematics in which they are enrolled: pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, or Pre-Calculus. In the Golden Circle event, students took an individual exam for 40 minutes followed by a group exam. 

“Many highly regarded mathematics competitions require students to work in teams to solve seemingly impossible problems,” said Crista Carlile, Central Academy supervisor. “The collaborative nature of the competitions mimics conditions students will be asked to face in further mathematical studies and future careers. Central Academy students have a strong tradition of success in many national and international mathematics competitions.”

Central Academy math teachers are Diane Fox, Michael Link, Lana Lyddon Hatten, Mike Marcketti, Joe Obrycki, and Brian Reece.

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