College Admissions/Financial Aid Info for Parents/Students

Why complete the FAFSA?

1. To qualify for federal and state financial aid programs based on need.
2. To be eligible for a federal Stafford student loan regardless of need or income.
3. Some colleges want a FAFSA filed before they distribute their own institutional financial aid (scholarships and activity awards).
4. Some scholarships require page one of the Student Aid Report to be included with scholarship materials.  The Student Aid Report is generated by completing the FAFSA.
5. The FAFSA is free and it can possibly yield positive benefits.  With some assistance and organization, it is not difficult to complete.
6. If a parent employment status would change due to illness or loss of job, it is nice to have filed a FAFSA for financial aid assistance.
7. You never know for sure what your financial aid status is until you complete the FAFSA.

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