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Multiple Opportunities to Demonstrate Learning Webinars


The Central Academy faculty have created webinars about how each department provides multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate learning. Click the headline for links to the webinars!

September Parent Newsletter


Click on the headline to read the September Parent Newsletter. Find links to our two new webinars: Eating Lunch at Central and Successful Academic Behaviors

Webinar on getting lunch at Central


Learn how to navigate the Central Cafeteria! Click on the headline to watch a video about meals at Academy and Campus.

Webinar on Successful Academic Behaviors


On August 16, 2018, we had a parent meeting to discuss the successful academic behaviors we’d like to cultivate in students this year. Shout out to Heartland AEA is helping us record and assemble this, our very first webinar! Click the headline to see the video.

Webinars on Finding and Reading Academy Schedules


Click the headline to get links to our YouTube webinars answering the most commonly asked questions about finding and reading your Academy schedule.

Orientation Open House


Orientation Open House was Monday, August 20. If you were not able to make it, you can click the headline to get the FAQ handouts for students.

Upcoming Events

Oct 02
School Board Meeting
Oct 10
PSAT Test (Optional)
Oct 11
Fall Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct 16
Fall Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct 16
School Board Meeting

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Unity Through Diversity!

Student leaders organized the Unity Through Diversity Political Forum to demonstrate how they would like political discourse to work in the United States. See it for yourself:

Audience members said:

“Listening to these teenagers discuss the tax system with more knowledge and nuance than any politician I’ve heard lately.”


“I am amazed at this panel’s ability to tackle a wide range of difficult issues. How can we, in school and society, facilitate the transfer of these conversations to the “next level”? These students give me hope; how do we guarantee their leadership in the future?”


“I love that none of you toed a party line tonight.  You showed maturity, nuance, humanity, and understanding. In a political debate, you’d be criticized for inconsistency.  How do we shift the paradigm so that THIS is the model for political discourse in the US?”

Ever feel like it’s just too hard?

011 (2)Listen to Academy Alumnus, Apple Amos (East), talk about her experience at Central Academy when she addressed the Class of 2015 at the Senior Recognition Ceremony.  Success without struggle is not nearly so sweet!


The Central Academy Alumni Network

The Alumni Network was established to foster support for the continued excellence in education at the Academy. The Network will serve as a vehicle for fundraising activities, alumni networking, and volunteer efforts directed at enabling the continued success of the Academy.  Find them at


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