IB Diploma Student Achievement

Student Profile

Central Academy began the IB Diploma Programme in 2008, and graduated Iowa’s first class of IB Diploma recipients in 2009.  IB Diploma students at Central Academy have come from each comprehensive high school within the Des Moines Public Schools, as well as several high schools outside of the Des Moines district.  IB Diploma candidates have been actively involved in their school community, playing sports and participating in many student groups while attending classes at Central Academy.  The IB Diploma candidates have used their unique and diverse perspectives and backgrounds to enrich the strong community of learners at Central Academy.

Central Academy IB Diploma Programme Results

  • To date, 90% of Central Academy IB Diploma candidates were awarded the IB Diploma.  For comparison purposes, the international pass rate is 78%.  Three of six Academy cohorts had 100% pass rates.
  • IB students at Central Academy have also passed corresponding AP exams at a rate higher than the pass rate for the entire student body at Central Academy.
  • Central Academy IB graduates attend some of the most selective universities and colleges in the United States. Among these are: Brown, American University, Beloit College, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown, Grinnell College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mount Holyoke College, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Northwestern, Stanford University, and Notre Dame.