IB Diploma Preparation

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The IB Diploma Programme is considered to be one of the most rigorous and thorough college-prepatory curricula available.  Students who earn the IB Diploma are often accepted at higher rates than the general population at highly selective universities.  While there are no “pre-requisites” for IB courses, early planning and preparation are keys to success in Diploma Programme courses.

The IB Diploma is an internationally-recognized diploma.  However, earning the IB Diploma is not a guarantee, even if students complete all of the requirements.  Therefore, students must be prepared to earn a diploma from Des Moines Public Schools, or their district of residence.  IB courses fulfill many graduation requirements of the Des Moines Public Schools and the state of Iowa.  However, students should verify their progress toward graduation each year with the counselor at Central Academy or at their home school.  Because of the demanding and inflexible course load required by IB, students who are credit deficient at the beginning of eleventh grade will not be considered for acceptance into the IB Diploma Programme.

Course Recommendations for 9th and 10th Grade Students

Subject Area Current 8th Grade Course Recommended 9th Grade Course Recommended 10th Grade Course
Mathematics Pre-Algebra Algebra I (summer before if possible) and  Geometry Algebra II
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II
Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus
English Language Arts 8 Advanced English I/English I Advanced English II/English II
Lang, Lit & Composition (CA) World Literature & Speech (CA) Advanced Amer. Lit (CA)
 Science Science 8  Accelerated Chem & Physics * OR Biology & Conceptual Physics  Biology/AP Biology OR  Accelerated Chem & Physics
Biology & Pre Chem/Phys (CA)  Accelerated Chem & Physics  AP Biology, Chemistry OR Physics
 Social Studies Civics Government & Economics  OR US History AP US History/US History OR Government & Economics
 Goverment & Current Issues (CA) AP Human Geography  AP US History & Economics
 Art  Art I and Art II  Art I and Art II (if not previously taken)Drawing/Painting OR 3D Design