ALP Elementary Extracurricular Activities

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The following activities are open to all identified Advanced Learning Program  students for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Continental Math (2-5)
Students learn problem solving strategies and may compete in a national problem-solving competition. 

Noetic Math (2-5)
Students use a variety of strategies to compete in a national problem-solving competition led by the Advanced Learning Program consultant. 

Battle of the Books (3-5)
Students form teams of 4-6 participants and read from a pre-determined list of 40 books.  Students are quizzed at a regional competition with other schools.  The highest scoring teams advance to the district Battle of the Books final competition. 

Parent Child Workshops (K-5)
Parent Child Workshops are designed to be attended by the parent and the child together focusing on a common interest.  Your choices will be sent later. 

Gold Star Readers-The 20 Book Challenge (K-3)
During the three months, students attempt to read 20 books from a selected list to receive medals and ribbons. 

Science Fair (K-5)
Students interested in science create a display describing some scientific event or experiment and present it at a science fair.  Competitive students may choose to have their projects judged by experts. 

Showcase (K-5)
Students choose a topic of interest and conduct research.  This independent study culminates with a one-night showcase exhibition. 

NOTE: Dates and location are subject to change depending on availability.