Conferences and October Newsletter

Dear Central Academy students and families,

Parent-initiated conferences, where parents arrange to meet with teachers, will be on Monday, October 31.  We will have opportunities for parents to schedule phone conferences, schedule in-person conferences, or attend during our drop-in conferences on that day.

12:30- 4:00: Schedule a 5-minute conference with teachers. You may request a phone conference (the teacher will call you) OR you may come to Academy in person for the scheduled conference.

BOOK your appointment.  This VIDEO explains the booking system.

4:00 – 6:00 PM: Drop-in Conferences.  There are no scheduled appointments during this time. Come to Academy and meet with teachers first come, first served.

We chose October 31 because it is closer to the mid-term of the semester.  However, we don’t want to go too long without updating parents on student progress in classes.  We will have teacher-initiated conferences the week of October 3.  Academy teachers will be reaching out to parents and guardians with progress updates either by email or phone throughout that week.  We chose this week because it marks a quarter of the way through the semester.

We will also have teacher-initiated conferences the week of December 12, at three-quarters through the semester. Academy teachers will be reaching out to parents and guardians with progress updates either by email or phone throughout that week.

As always, you can email your child’s teacher with any concerns or questions outside of conference times.  Find teacher emails at


Students can make adjustments to their AP Exam order by signing into their College Board account at through November 4, 2022. After that, all order changes must go through the Administrator where your class is being taught. The last day Administrators can change your order without incurring fees is Tuesday, November 15. 

After November 15, it will cost $40 to make changes to your order by cancelling or ordering an exam (even if you qualify for the grant).  We can order an exam until March 3, 2023.You can cancel an exam until the day that it is given in May.

Learn more about AP Exam Ordering HERE.  Or general AP Exam information (such as schedules and locations) HERE.


We will be hosting the first ever Iowa High School Mediation Tournament next month.  Students must be in grades 9 – 12 to participate.  I’m very excited to announce that the creator of Mock Trial, former Dean of Drake’s Law School, and the creator of the Mediation Tournament is planning on training our students as part of our Mediation Tournament.  Richard Calkins is also trying to recruit the coach of the National Champion Collegiate team to also attend our training.  I have also secured 2 slots at Nationals for the top teams in our tournament.

Find out more about our Mediation Tournament HERE.  The last day to sign up is November 1. Sign up your team of 3 students HERE.

Learn about Mediation. No experience needed.  Learn about the law. Get negotiation skills.  Training and Tournament November 10 -12.  Good practice for lawyers, businesspeople, social justice advocates and the rest of us.

Mediation 10.17.2022


It has been difficult without a fulltime attendance clerk.  I share in the frustrations I have heard from parents.  I am thrilled to announce that we have hired a new person to fill the role.  She is scheduled to start at the end of this month.  I will send out her contact information as soon as she is in place. Thank you for your kind patience as we have worked to ensure that attendance records are correct and accurately recorded.

Dr. Gogerty

Director of Advanced Learning

Des Moines Public Schools

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