ISASP Testing Schedule

​Dear Central Academy students and families,

Tomorrow DMPS high schools will be administering the state tests of student progress (ISASP).  We want students to go into the tests relaxed and with a good breakfast.  I know you will do well.

There have been some questions about the Central Schedule and busing tomorrow.  So, here is a break down by each constituent group at Academy:

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS test at their home schools outside of their normal Academy schedule. They will not miss Academy classes for testing.

SENIORS should follow their normal Central schedule– AM and PM.  The Central Shuttle buses will run on their normal schedule in the morning for our seniors.

VIRTUAL CAMPUS students are testing on a different date because of space. They will take their tests at Central Campus starting next week.  We will release them from their Academy classes because of the complexity of VC’s testing this year.  So, VC students should follow their normal Central schedule tomorrow.

  • VC 6th and 7th graders test on Tuesday, April 26, check in at 8:00 AM
  • VC 8th and 9th graders test on Wednesday, April 27, check in at 8:00 AM
  • VC 10th graders test on Thursday, April 28, check in at 8:00 AM
  • VC 11th graders test on Friday, April 29, check in at 8:00 AM

OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENTS should follow their normal Central schedule tomorrow.

ALL 9th, 10th, and 11th GRADE DMPS STUDENTS will have testing during period 1 and blocks 2 (Wednesday)  and 3 (Thursday).  They will follow the normal block schedule in the afternoon (Blocks 4 and 6 on Wednesday and Blocks 5 and 7 on Thursday). ISASP Schedule 2022

  • The bus will be delayed until the end of testing with 11:05 loading on Wednesday and 11:15-11:20 loading on Thursday.
  • Students should NOT stay for MTSS time at the end of testing.  They should catch the bus and come on down to Central.
  • If buses arrive late at Central, students should have lunch and report to class as soon as they can after eating.  The cafeteria will continue to serve lunch while we wait for buses to arrive.
  • If your school has changed when classes meet (for example, having morning classes in the afternoon), students should follow their normal Central Schedule and will be excused from their home school classes.
  •  If you miss your 11:05 bus on Wednesday, there is another bus that comes down to Central.  It loads at 1:10. Have lunch at your home school, check in with your block 4 class on Canvas, and send your teacher an email so they don’t worry.
  • If you miss your 11:15 bus on Thursday, we will not have another bus coming to Central.  Please contact your block 5 and 7 teachers and check with Canvas for your assignment. We will work with you if there are circumstances outside your control.

Please be assured that if there are scheduling problems we will work with you to resolve them.  Do not get upset if a test runs longer than expected or if it starts later than scheduled and you miss your Central bus.  Breathe easy and focus on your test. We’ll be here for you afterwards!  Good luck!

And remember there are NO DMPS classes for anyone on Friday, April 22 or Monday, April 25!

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