Welcome Back from Spring Break!

​Dear Central Academy students and families,

We are excited to see you tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23, for our first day back after spring break!  High School students: please remember that we will follow the Wednesday block schedule and will have period 1, blocks 2, 4, and 6.

During the break, DMPS began re-examining school safety in light of the tragic shooting outside of East High School on March 7.  The school staff and administration reacted quickly and decisively during the emergency.  An “after-action” review is standard procedure after an emergency.  Here are some of the preliminary changes that you can expect:

  • Increased presence of DMPS security and DMPD.
  • Additional surveillance cameras are being procured and installed around the district.
  • District leadership is partnering with national experts on school safety to analyze and improve safety systems and structures.
  • Community leadership is creating round table discussions on school safety for the community, staff and students. More information about the round table events will be coming out soon.
  • School administrations and safety teams are reviewing safety response protocols at each building.

School safety is incredibly important.  And it is not just physical safety, but also feeling safe that is important. Talk with your child about how they might be feeling.  If you need support contact your school counselor either at your home school or at Academy.  You can also fill out the Student Support Ticket that pops up when you visit the DMPS website.

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can also help. Tomorrow is the statewide tornado drill.  Central Academy will be participating in that drill so that students and staff can practice what to do in the event of a tornado at school.

I am looking forward to resuming classes tomorrow!  Getting back into routines makes me feel like we are getting closer to normal day by day.  I hope you had a refreshing spring break.  We’ll see you soon!


Dr. Gogerty

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