Ms. Myer’s Semester 1 grades

​Dear students and families of Ms. Myers’ Central Academy English classes,

We had to force-post Ms. Myers semester 1 grades because of a medical emergency.

Most, if not all, of her data were already entered.  However, when I spoke with her last night she said she had a few more things she wanted to enter for a few students on Thursday. However, I am not sure she was able to do that yesterday.

If there is something you turned in, that will raise your grade, and it has not been entered yet, please rest assured that we will be able to make corrections once Ms. Myers has had the opportunity to heal and review the work.  We are also in communication with DMACC for her 11th and 12th grade classes so that we can submit those grades and/or can correct them if needed.

I am hopeful that Ms. Myers will be better and return by Monday.  Thank you for your patience.

Stay well!

Dr. Gogerty

Director of Advanced Learning at Academy

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