Senior Recognition 2021


June 2, 2021

Hello recent graduates and families!

Congratulations!  It was a beautiful weekend!

Now, let’s get your stage walk video done!  Please submit your stage walk video by Thursday, June 3.  I will finalize the video over the weekend and get it out to all our Academy seniors!

I’m sending this message specifically to those who have not yet turned in a Stage Walk Video.  I want you to be a part of this historical project!

It’s still not too late… June 4, will be too late!

May 26, 2021

Hello again Academy Seniors and families!

I have not gotten a stage walk video from you, yet!  It is so hard to have our Senior Recognition without YOU!  The Class of 2021 is so special and you are part of that!  (I am sending this specifically to those who have not submitted a stage walk video.)

I’ll be working on the video through the graduation weekend.  So, it is not too late.  If you let me know that you need more time, I can hold production into next week.

It is pretty simple.  

  • Use your phone,
  • record a 10 – 30 second video of yourself and
  • UPLOAD it. If you’re having difficulties logging in to upload your video, you can try emailing it to me. Some people have emailed me a link to their video in their google drive. If I can download it, I can use it!

If you’re having technical difficulties, let me help you!  I have been able to add student names to the first 4 second of the video, lay down some open-sourced background music (we have to be careful of copyrights), and convert video into the correct file format to include everyone who has turned in a Stage Walk Video.  Plus, I made several short videos (most are 30 seconds or less) that show you how to make a video. Find them HERE.

Alternatively, I have your picture that you turned in for our program.  I can include your picture with your name and some music in the video, if you’d like. I just need your permission to include you.  So, email me soon!

The Virtual Senior Recognition Ceremony is turning out to be pretty cool!  I really want you to be part of it!

Participation in the Senior Recognition Ceremony is optional.

It’s not too late.

May 24, 2021

It is NOT too late!  Submit your 10 – 30 second video HERE!

I am starting to assemble the Senior Recognition video.  But it just won’t be the same without you!  For those of you who have submitted already, THANK YOU! They have been a delight to watch!

I move the videos out of the submission folder after I ensure there are no technical problems.  And I send a Teams message to you once I do that so you know that I received your video.

I’d like to get this program put together close to graduation weekend, but honestly, I’d rather put it out in early June and include more of you than rush for graduation weekend and miss out on some of you as we juggle everything here at the end of the year.

Please submit your video as soon as you can!

May 14, 2021

Hey Seniors!

I’m extending the deadline for Stage Walk Videos to May 23. So much is running late this year from AP Exams to end of year celebrations. So, if you need more time to get your stage walk video done, I completely understand!

I will send you a message that I have received your Stage Walk Video and move it out of the upload folder once you have submitted it. And I will add your name to the video in the first 4 seconds if you aren’t able to.

I’ve really enjoyed the videos that have been submitted so far! They are delightful! So, thank you to all of you who have been able to upload a video already.

May 7, 2021

Hey Seniors!  Remember to create a 30 second Stage Walk Video for Academy’s senior recognition and upload it to the Submission folder.  Learn HOW in this 2.5 minute video.

Once you have your video uploaded, I will send you a confirmation message by email and/or Teams.  And I will move your video out of the uploads folder. Thank you to all of you who have submitted already!

Stage Walk Videos are due May 14.  If you are having problems, please let me know so we can problem solve together!

-Dr. Gogerty

May 2, 2021

Dear Central Academy Seniors and families,

Normally, during the Academy Senior Recognition Ceremony we have a few speeches, a few special awards, and each senior present walks across the stage to receive a certificate.  You would also get the very lovely program that includes full color photos of every senior who submitted one.

This year, the Class of 2021 will get a special opportunity. Each senior who is enrolled at Academy this year is invited to submit a short video (10 – 30 seconds) to be included in a Virtual Ceremony.  Videos are due by May 14, 2021.

This is your ‘crossing the stage’ moment.  It does not have to be a video of you literally crossing the stage, however.  This is your opportunity to leave your legacy at Academy.  It can be a message to your future selves or those who come after you.  Your message can be about the future, or about the past, or about the now.

Keep in mind:

  • This is a celebration of your time at Academy.
  • This is a solo performance. Each person gets a moment on the stage, so the video should feature YOU.
  • This is a school event and must be appropriate for children.
  • You video must meet YouTube’s community guidelines and copyright rules (including music use).
  • Keep it between 10 and 30 seconds (length of a TV commercial). We’ve got 223 seniors at Academy this semester. You won’t be able to say a lot, so say something that is important or unique. Boil it down to one idea.
  • Include your written name in a title or caption during the first 4 seconds of the video. If you’re not able to include your name, I can do it for you.
  • Submit a .mp4 or .mov file by uploading it to this FOLDER.  You have to sign in with your DMPS ID.
    • You could capture the video on your phone.
    • You could use a computer and do a screen capture.
    • You could use video editing software to craft your 30 seconds.
    • If you don’t have tools to record a video, email me and I’ll problem solve with you. I’ve made videos on my school computer and also using Teams. We could even get an audio recording and play it with your senior picture as the video. I bet we could figure something out.


  • Watch this EXAMPLE!
  • Think about how you orient your CAMERA.
  • Think about LIGHTING.
  • Include your NAME in the first 4 seconds of the video. (Gogerty can do it for you, too!)
  • How to SUBMIT your Video.
  • UPLOAD: Submit a .mp4 or .mov file by uploading it to this FOLDER.  You have to sign in with your DMPS ID.
  • See last year’s recognition ceremony CLASS of 2020 (Stage Walk Videos start at 34:17)

I will assemble the recognition and award speeches and stage-walk videos into one Senior Recognition Movie and publish it on YouTube at the end of May. By submitting a video to me, you are giving me permission to use it in the Senior Recognition Virtual Ceremony.

We will mail you your certificate and your lovely program– even if you don’t make a video. But I hope you will participate. I’ve missed seeing you every day this year. It will bring such joy to me and your classmates to see your creativity!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dr. Gogerty

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