Prep Academy Term 2 Math Materials

Hello Prep Academy students and families!

Term 2 classes begin Tuesday, November 10.  Students will switch from English to Mathematics when Term 2 starts.

Please come by Central Academy, 1912 Grand Ave, to pick up a packet of Math workbooks.   Students will have access to the digital version of these materials in Canvas when Term 2 starts.  The print copies give students an opportunity to work “off-screen”.

The packet is in an envelope with your name on it.  If you haven’t picked up your bag, yet, your packet will be in the bag with your name on it below the table (See pictures below).

Our doors are unlocked from 8 – 4. You can park in the drive way and just dash in.

If you want us to mail them to you, please complete this SURVEY.

Prep Materials

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