Grendel Novel Has Arrived

Hello Central Academy College Accelerated Literature & Composition students and families!

Wouldn’t you know that the other two titles showed up today. (We thought it would be next week!) So, If you got Grendel already, the rest of your order is now ready. You may not need it right away, just let us know when you want to pick them up.

Book Titles: Grendel, The Color Purple, & Hamlet


PICK UP:  Please TELL us which day you’d like to come to Academy at 1912 Grand Ave. to pick up the novels you ordered.  Please come to the school between 8 – 4 on school days.  Please come through the Foyer, into the main lobby.  Books will be in bags with student names on them, and placed on tables to your immediate left.  If you haven’t picked up your supply bag, your novel will be in your bag under the table (See picture below).


MAIL: If you want us to mail it to you, please complete this SURVEY.


If you have not ordered English novels yet, you still can!  LEARN MORE or PLACE ORDER by clicking one of these links.

Novel Pick up Map

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