Text Book Return Plan

Dear Central Academy students and families,

Text Book Return

Please remember our textbook and material return is tomorrow from 9 – 4.  Be sure you follow the flow of traffic by entering  down the ramp to the East of Campus, continuing behind the building, and up the ramp on the West side of Academy.  Please turn right on Grand as you exit to avoid traffic snarls and accidents.  See the map below with additional details.

Return to Learn Surveys for grades 7 – 11 due tomorrow

Thank you to the parents (48%) and students in grades 7 – 11 (30%) who have completed the DMPS survey to give us feedback as we develop our Return to Learn plan.  If you haven’t done it yet, please complete it by tomorrow!  We will use your responses in developing our plan for next fall. Our goal is to have 100% response rate for students and families in grades 7 – 11.

PARENT SURVEY  Use the primary phone number for your family to start the survey.

STUDENT SURVEY Use your student ID number to start the survey.

Seniors, you should get your mailing with your certificates and program early next week. This is not how we wanted our last day of school with you.  I hope you’ll stop by when we are fully open to fill us in our your adventures!



Central staff will be ready to collect checked out textbooks and DMPS property on Friday, May 29 from 9 AM – 4 PM.   Please return textbooks, classroom materials, or other materials that have been checked out.

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus and protect our families and staff, please use our drive through system, stay in your car and deposit your materials in the barrel when it is your turn.

Map for returning materials

  1. Drive East on Grand and take the ramp that goes behind Campus. Circle behind Campus and up the ramp to the West of Academy. Wait in your car until you reach position 2.
  2. Roll down your window and deposit materials in the barrel when you get to this position.   If you cannot reach the barrel from your window, one person can get out of the car to place something in the barrel.  Please wear a mask for your safety and the safety of others.
  3. Exit by turning right on Grand.


If it is raining, we will still be collecting materials; we’ll just route traffic through the parking garage.

We will quarantine textbook materials for a week before we start the process of actually checking it in through the library system.    It will probably take us a couple of months to sort and check in all materials, so we will delay the posting of missing textbooks to student fees until fall.  When school buildings open again, we will accept materials that were not returned on May 29.

Returning Central materials to Central makes the process of checking in materials easier for us.  However, don’t worry if you turned in your Central materials to your school. We will accommodate the return of Central materials to other DMPS schools.   Once the materials have gone through a quarantine period, the school librarians will check in the materials and route it back to Central.

Thank you for helping us restock our inventory this summer so that we can be ready for fall classes.

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