AP Exam Preparation

​Dear Central Academy Students and Families,

I am sending this email to all Academy students who have signed up for AP exams associated with Academy classes.  This information is helpful to anyone taking the AP Exam this year, but I’m trying to reduce the email load to our families. So, if I missed someone, please forward this to them.

You can find all the information about this year’s exams at http://cb.org/AP2020

If you have not been getting emails from the College Board, you need to update your email address with them by tomorrow, May 7, at 4:30 PM CDT. You can Confirm your email address HERE.

Your E-ticket to your exam will be sent to your email by the College Board 2 days before your exam.  So, if you are testing on Monday, you’ll get an email on Saturday.  Watch this VIDEO to see how the process with work.

Please PRACTICE using the exam uploading process!  Anyone can do it– parents, teachers, students.  This is how you test your system to see that you don’t have any technical problems before the testing day. You can practice now.  You can practice several times.  You can practice different methods to see which one will work best for you.

World Language students will be able to practice with the AP World Language Exam App beginning next week, May 11.

Prepare the resources you need during the test before your test day!  The College Board has made a list of REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED resources.  Please remember these RULES for using information during the AP Exams.

Roosevelt’s Student Council is in the process of creating free study guides for all DMPS students to download as a resource before/during the test (they are open-note this year). Remember to DOWNLOAD any document you want to use BEFORE the test so you don’t have an accidental exam VIOLATION.

Each study guide will contain links to helpful Quizlets, a list of free and paid resources to check out before the test, and other items to review. Example: https://bit.ly/35qj7us.

They will publish these study guides throughout this week. Students can keep checking this link for new study guides each day: bit.ly/trhsaptest

They hope you are able to benefit from using these study guides, and would love to hear your feedback! Be sure to keep track of each study guide’s release by following here:

Facebook: @DSMRoosevelt
Instagram: @veltcouncil

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What do I do if I am not taking the test I ordered?

Here is how it works this year:

Two days before your May exam date you’ll get an E-ticket for the exam. Use your ticket to to log in 30 minutes before the exam to complete a few preliminary questions.  Then, when the exam is scheduled to begin (there is a timer), you’ll get your first question. History and English tests have one question, all others have two questions.  World Language is different because they will voice record their responses.

If you don’t use the ticket on the May exam date, you’ll get another e-ticket two days before the June exam date. You log in 30 minutes before the exam, same as the May exam.

If you don’t use the June ticket either, then your exam will be cancelled.


If your exam is cancelled because you did not use either the May or June E-tickets, the College Board will not charge your school for the test and you may get a refund.

United Way Grant: If the United Way Grant covered the cost of your fee, the fee assignment in Infinite Campus will be voided in late June once invoicing is complete.

Full Price: A refund will be issued based on the amount you have paid for the exam.

9th – 11th Graders: The refund will show in Infinite Campus as a surplus which can be applied to other fees in Infinite Campus (such as next year’s text book fees or AP exams next year). If you want a refund to be sent to you instead, please email sharon.fuller@dmschools.org.  Refunds cannot be sent until invoicing has been finalized in late June.

Seniors: A refund will be issued to your family automatically.

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