High School Credit Options for 8th Graders

Dear 8th Grade Academy students and families!

At the end of each semester, parents of 8th grade students must decide how they would like their child’s Academy classes to appear on their high school transcripts.  Indicate your choice for each class by filling out this survey by January 31, 2020:

We will also send you a letter with a paper form if you would rather submit your choices by mail.


Every 8th grade student taking courses at Academy will earn high school credit for all of the classes they take at Academy.  This is a slight change from previous years because of a change in State Code last spring. The rule also affects middle school students taking Algebra I in their comprehensive middle schools, too. We made a webinar explaining the change and the choice each student will have to make each semester for each class. https://youtu.be/iS7amd8QSy4

Your child has earned 0.5 high school credit for EACH of the three courses taken at Academy this spring semester.  These credits will be on your child’s high school transcript. You have two options as to how the grades will appear on the high school transcript: pass/no pass (NOT calculated in high school GPA) or the regular letter grade (calculated in high school GPA).

Look in Infinite Campus for your child’s spring semester classes and grades to help you decide which option to take.  Usually an A or B grades are counted towards the GPA (regular letter grade) and a C or lower is Pass/No pass.

You do not have to make the same choice for all classes– you can choose Pass/No Pass for one class and the traditional letter grade for others.

If you do not complete the survey to indicate your choice by June 18, Central Academy will automatically add any grade of A or B to the high school transcript as part of your child’s high school GPA and any grade of C or lower will be added to the high school transcript as P/NP.

There are 3 ways you could complete this form.


  • Use this link https://tinyurl.com/CA8HSCreditS12020
  • Use the QR code to the right and use a QR reader on your phone.
  • Or have your child return the letter that was mailed home on January 22, 2020  to the Academy Counseling office.

High School Credit Options for 8th Grade Students FY2020



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