September Parent Newsletter

Dear Academy students and families,

One of our big program improvement goals is to teach the academic behaviors that lead to long-term success. Attached is an overview of our big three goals this year. Academy Improvement Goal FY2019

We notice many students when they first start at Academy have trouble balancing their course work and healthy self-care.  Some of that is part of the acclimation process of learning a new place. Usually after Labor Day weekend, most students have found their cadence. But I know that some students will still opt to skip lunch because they

  • don’t understand how to navigate the cafeteria,
  • are uncertain of the rules, or
  • think they have to choose between lunch and being on time to class (we have several options so that students can get lunch AND go to class on time.)

We’ve made two new webinars aligned with our goal.

  1.  Eating meals at Central is an 11 minute video about how to get lunch at Central.  I collaborated with our sister program, Central Campus and Food and Nutrition on this project.  We’re clearly still amateurs but we had fun making the video.
  2. Successful Academic Behaviors is a 30 minute recording of our August 16 parent meeting outlining our goal.

You can find them on the news carousel or with our other webinars under the Parents tab in the top right corner. We are planning a few more webinars this semester.  The next one will be about how we provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning at Academy.

Have a wonderful three-day weekend!  Enjoy Labor Day and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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