Register for AP Exams before March 27

AP exams are administered by schools worldwide on set dates each May.  Exams usually last around three hours.  Each AP Exam usually consists of multiple-choice questions and free response questions (essay, problem solving, oral response).  Typically high school students take the corresponding AP class to prepare for the exam.  At Academy, most students take their first AP exam as a 9th grader after taking World History People and Places, which incorporates AP Human Geography topics with World History topics.  Very few middle school students take AP exams– but every year Academy has 3 – 4 middle school students who take AP classes.

Students can sign up to take AP exams any time between now and March 27.  The cost is $93 per exam. DMPS high school students sign up and pay for all of their AP exams with the bookkeeper at their home schools.  Out of District students taking classes at Academy sign up and pay with Kim Kinney in the Academy office.

Students do not have to pay for the exam all at once.  They may order an exam with a $15 down payment and make additional payments periodically; however, all exams must be completely paid for by March 27 to be ordered.  If students qualify for free or reduced priced lunch, the AP exams are paid for by a grant from the United Way.  If a student registers for an exam, but doesn’t show up to take the test on the exam date, there is a $15 fee that applies to all students regardless of financial status.

DMPS students take AP exams at their home schools UNLESS the home school does not offer the class.  For example, a Hoover student is taking both  AP English Literature and AP Calculus BC at Central Academy.  Because AP English Literature is offered at Hoover, the student takes that exam at Hoover.  But, the student would take the Calculus BC exam at Academy because Hoover doesn’t offer that class.  Out of District students take all of their AP exams at Academy. See the attached schedule for locations for each exam.  AP Exam Schedule 2017 and Locations

More information can be found at Academy’s AP Page or

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