Mathletes take Wisconsin by Storm!

Roosevelt Team ACongratulations to all the students competing at the 42nd Annual High School Mathematics Contest held at the University of Wisconson-Platteville, on Wednesday, November 2!  Central Academy Mathletes won 23 All Academic Awards and had the 1st Place Division 1 team! (Pictured).  On a side note, this is not the only “win” we had yesterday.  Rita Lyster, the General Manager of the Dubuque HuHot, told Academy staff,  “…that our group of students – and she’s had many groups come in to eat – are the best students of all the groups. They are the most courteous, respectful, and thankful group of kids.” I don’t think we hear things like that enough so I just wanted to let you know that, YES, we have a great group of kids that we should all be proud of.

See pictures of participants and award winners at

All Academic Award Winners came from 4 of the 5 Des Moines High schools, other high schools in the metro area and Des Moines Middle Schools:

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