10th Graders, Find out more about IB!


It’s not too late to sign up for the IB Diploma Programme for next year.  The Diploma Programme is a rigorous, internationally recognized college preparatory program for juniors and seniors. Highly motivated and inquisitive learners tend to find success in the Diploma Programme. This highly respected international curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, community service, sciences and humanities. Participation in International Baccalaureate is open to any high school student motivated to participate in the world’s most widely recognized program of study.   Two informational meetings for parents and students is Tuesday, March 3 at 6:00 and 6:30 PM at Central Academy (1912 Grand Ave) room 1007.

Students who successfully complete the 2-year program earn an IB diploma in addition to a high school diploma. The IB diploma is recognized as a symbol of excellence by elite schools in the US and around the world.  “One of the reasons that the Texas Tech University Honors College gives preferential treatment to IB graduates is that we have come to value the quality of the student who completes this program,” said Gary M. Bell, Dean of the TTU Honors College at Texas Tech University. “The most substantial attraction for us is that the student who completes the IB program is certifiably motivated, hard-working, curious and conscientious.  Nothing predicts college success better than those qualities.”

Come Tuesday, March 3, for more information.

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