Parent Academy September 23

Tuesday, September 23 from 6 – 7 PM, Central Academy is hosting the first in its series of Parent Academy meetings.  Every other month throughout the school year, we will offer short sessions on topics of interest to Central Academy Parents.

This month parents may choose from among 3 sessions.  Each 25-minute session will be presented at 6:00 and repeated at 6:30 so that parents may attend up to 2 sessions of interest.

Parent Academy Meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays, from 6 – 7 PM  on September 23, November 11, January 13, March 3 and May 12.

September 23 Sessions:

Academy Program Improvement Plan Presented by Jessica Gogerty, Director, in the Central Campus Auditorium

Central Academy is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The growth and success of the Academy over the past three decades has laid the foundation so that we can become the national model for gifted education in urban schools.  This year the Academy teachers are studying and crafting a 3-year plan to reach that goal.  This session will be an overview of the process and our work.


The Challenges of Being a Seventh Grader at Central Academy Presented by Denis Hildreth, Prep Academy Advisor, in the Central Campus Library

Students who begin Central Academy classes as seventh graders often have two distinctly different problems, which we on the Prep Academy team work to help them negotiate.

First, all of their classmates are bright. This means that they are not necessarily “the smartest in the room.”  This causes some real problems for a number of students.  How do we frame this problem in a way that encourages rather than intimidates students?

Second, Prep Academy students are often surprised and dismayed by the homework they are expected to complete each week.  In the past these students may have been able to coast with little or no outside work.  They will find this is not the case at Central Academy.  How do we encourage students to look at homework differently?

This session will focus on the practical ways we use to change student mindsets from fixed mindsets to growth mindsets, exploring the joys of embracing challenge and difficulty as a way of stretching and exercising our infinite brainpower.


What Successful Students Do Presented by Ed Pilkington, GT Consultant for Central Academy, in the Central Campus Multipurpose Room

What characteristics make one student more likely to succeed than another?  How do they set goals and prioritize their behaviors to maximize success?  What is their best use of time in studying, note taking, reading and preparing for tests?  These questions and other tips on successful student behaviors will be discussed to provide parents with a background to support their student’s learning at Central Academy and beyond.

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