Central Academy Creative Writing class

Senior Sebastian Dalin, from the Central Academy Creative Writing class, recently shared his writing expertise with several 9th grade classes.  Each creative writer was invited to research a writing area of interest and teach a lesson to fellow writers.  Dalin explored world building.  Dalin, hopes to publish in the area of science fiction and fantasy.

“World building is the bread and butter of fantasy.” He shared with the freshmen, “Constructing a world is left up to the writer on the hows and whats of building. It is very open ended and can be a catalyst for a plethora of creative ideas. To begin building a world, pick a type of Geography, Natural Life, and a Time period.  However; this is merely the surface. Creating the world allows the author to explore issues and make social commentary.”

The 9th grade World Literature and Speech classes are currently reading Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Dalin challenged them to create their own world and shared his techniques for world building.  He also shared a writing contest where they submit their own creation.


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