Great Plains Math League Contest

Central Academy math students earned 1st place in the Great Plains Math League contest held in Cedar Rapids on Thursday, October 3.  Twenty-nine of Central’s thirty-nine participants qualified for the state math championships to be held in April by virtue of their scores at this event.  Those students are:

12th graders – Edel Aron, Granger Carty, Patrick Hiatt, Max Pilcher, Oliver Shimp, Ryan Utke and Noah Werling.

11th graders – Harry Crane, Vaughn Hommerding, Rachel Schneider, and Kristina Smith

10th graders – Akanksha Chilikuri, A.J. Fleming, Helena Gruensteidl, Zach Lin, Payton McBurney, Peter Oswald, Chris Palmer, Finn Pilcher, Nathan Rider, Andrew Shumway, and Jenny Thai

9th graders – Ryan Burgett, Ankita Chatterjee, Natalie Galluzzo, Shivani Kumaresan, Abbott LaPrade, and Gabe Mintzer

7th grader – Evan Hilton

Further, Central students captured eighteen of the thirty-six individual awards:

  • Sprint Round 12th grade:  Patrick Hiatt 1st place, Max Pilcher 2nd place
  • Target Round 12th grade:  Patrick Hiatt 1st place, Edel Aron, Max Pilcher, Ryan Utke 2nd place and Granger Carty 3rd place
  • Target Round 11th grade:  Harry Crane, Kristina Smith 3rd place
  • Sprint Round 10th grade:  Zach Lin, Nathan Rider 2nd place, Andrew Shumway 3rd place
  • Target Round 10th grader:  Zach Lin 2nd place, Payton McBurney, Nathan Rider, Andrew Shumway 3rd place
  • Sprint Round 9th grade:  Gabe Mintzer 2nd place
  • Target Round 9th place:  Gabe Mintzer 2nd place
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