Central Academy Spring Break to Europe

Central Academy Spring Break Trip to Europe

Lindsay Fredregill and Tom Forsgren collaborated with 14 Central Academy students in developing the 2013 Central Academy Trip.  Our trip started in Berlin, Germany, then went south to Prague, Vienna, Venice, Lugano, Menaggio, and finally ended in Milan.

We enjoyed seeing the variety of cities on our tour and experiencing the different cultures and foods typical of each region. We savored kebabs in Prague, schnitzel in Vienna, gelato in Venice, and Tuscan risotto in Milan. Cultural and historic highlights of the trip included the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge in Prague, the Berlin Wall and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Berlin, the Byzantine San Marcos Basilica and views from the top of the bell tower in Venice.  Each city we visited offered us a unique opportunity to learn about the culture and history of its people.

During the trip we also enjoyed visits to several art museums and galleries where we were able to see famous paintings and excavated Greek, Roman, and Assyrian ruins. We stood in the balcony to watch La Nozze de Figaro at the Vienna Opera House and attended a Mass at St. Stephens Cathedral in Prague. Vienna offered us the unique opportunity to visit the American International School, where we were able to tour the building, visit classrooms and learn about their programs. It was interesting to compare their learning environment with that of Central Academy. A highlight of the trip for many of us was exploring Lake Lugano, Switzerland and Lake Como, Italy. The beautiful vista of the pre-Alps rising up around the lakes enticed many of us to take an early morning hike and made for beautiful ferry rides across the lake.

Because we had such an active role in planning the trip and took responsibility for travel logistics, we have learned so much about how to travel smart and are more independent and confident as travelers. This trip taught us so much about the different cultures we experienced and also gave us a new appreciation for many of the comforts we enjoy here at home. We created valuable memories that have expanded our worldview and increased our international mindedness.


Cassie Nemmers, IB senior, Roosevelt

Jenna Manatrey, IB senior, Norwalk


The Central Academy Trip has the following objectives for this trip.

1.    To provide students with an opportunity to have an interactive experience with the local European culture

2.    To have students directly involved in planning this trip with the purpose of appreciating the rich diversity of European history, language, and culture.

3.    To have students visit IB students in classes and exchange ideas on research topics and preparation for the IB/AP exams.

4.    To expose students to several major art galleries, cultural performances, and historic museums that highlight the legacy of European culture.

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